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Specialisation offers advantages. It produces experts

The company was established in 1925 and has existed at its present address since 1953,where the workshop, administration aswell as the sales department is located.

We rise to your expectations!We enable each and every engine.In order to achieve this, we combine professional competence with state of the art technical standards and high quality machining procedures.

What this means to you!No matter what make or whichever application,guaranteed top condition, reliability aswell as an added value for your engine.
Due to excessive experience and regular further training in the latest technical developments , we find a solution for each and every problem.

As specialists we  do our utmost well above the “just the engine”- with founded know-how,qualified advice and round-about-service from one source.

Due to our connection with national and international partner companies we are able to operate anywhere ,anytime, worldwide.