We want to do more than just restore the functionality of your engine. We want them to run like they're brand new again. We not only make the engines better and save your wallet for a new purchase.

Together with you, we also protect the environment for a new engine that would otherwise consume resources. Keeping and maintaining what you have is in. Repairs are in. Join us!

Your advantages with Motoren Hildebrandt:
  • Worldwide service with 24/7 service
  • High level of quality and training
  • State-of-the-art advanced training
  • Qualified advice
  • Warranty on performance and components
  • Transparent presentation of all work
  • Fair and comprehensible cost estimates

With us you can be sure: We will first make a diagnosis. Then we will advise you in detail on what to do.
Because we don't just start unscrewing until we know where the problem is.

When you come to us, we offer you two decisive advantages. You will receive your engine back in a technically perfect condition and you do not have to spend more than necessary.

Of course, you will receive a reliable cost estimate. So you know exactly what to expect. And our highly qualified employees with many years of experience ensure that the order is then carried out to your complete satisfaction.

But that's not all. When we repair your engine, it has to prove itself. Because we want results that convince. To do this, we prefer to analyze and process your engine twice or three times so that we don't miss anything important. And only after we have thoroughly repaired it is it installed or delivered.

It is more important than ever to finally take responsibility for environmental protection. By recycling economic goods, we conserve resources and thus the environment. Compared to new production, we reduce material consumption by up to 70% and energy consumption even more drastically. At the same time, we are creating an inexpensive alternative to a new engine - and with the same quality.

With the appropriate warranty on our components and services, you will then receive an engine back that is in top condition down to the smallest detail. So it will give you a lot of pleasure.

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