Perfect precision. Maximum quality.

The regular maintenance of an engine makes a decisive contribution to averting damage and thus annoyance through loss of time, value and money. And at Motoren Hildebrandt we take it very seriously. Whether pump acceptance, inspection of crankcase and shafts, pulling pistons or changing injectors, we ensure the performance of your engine.  

Of course, we also supply you with wearing parts: From seals to V-belts and pistons to timing chains and cylinder liners, you can have everything from us.

Motoren Hildebrandt offers anytime and anywhere:
  • Repair of engines, injection pumps, alternators and starters
  • Delivery of completely overhauled engines in exchange
  • Express partial overhauls of cylinder heads, cylinders, crankshafts
  • Assured quality through experience and equipment
  • Qualified advice and reports
  • International network of proven partnerships

Construction machinery & industrial engines

In the first step of the repair, we dismantle the engine into its individual parts and clean it down to the last screw. Then we replace all wear parts with new parts and restore the usable components of the old engine. Advantage: This saves you up to 50% in costs compared to new parts. And since we have almost all parts in stock, time too.

Marine engines

Engine failure - who would want to be in the shoes of a shipowner whose ship is unable to maneuver? Ship engines are complex units in which everything has to be perfectly coordinated. We know how. We are the official service contract partner for Yanmar. Of course, our mobile service technicians are also happy to answer your questions. After all, at Motoren Hildebrandt, competent advice and assistance are part of the mobile all-round service on board. And that worldwide in a 24/7 mentality.

Cars & classic cars (not for private use)

Our offer is aimed exclusively at auto repair shops. Private end customers should contact their trusted car workshop.
The mechanical techniques we use include drilling, honing, grinding, planning, turning, milling and polishing. During honing, for example, the bored out cylinder block is treated with special honing stones. This essentially determines the oil consumption. We make sure that it stays low. But honing has another advantage: The wear and tear remains low and thus the "heart attack risk" of the engine.

Biogas engines

What is a general overhaul? Your engine will not be new afterwards, but it will be as good as new. In other words: In our opinion, professional repairs are often better than buying a new one. There is a reason for this, which lies in the complex technical processing.

Repairs are worthwhile. It is therefore a matter of course for us to give a guarantee on our services and our components. Minimize your risk of failure! Call us, we look forward to your vote.

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